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Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator: Don’t blame social media if your students are distracted

“Editor’s note: This guest post from Chris Casal started as a comment on “Filtering social media in schools because it’s a ‘distraction’” which appeared on Scott McCleod’s Dangerously Irrelevant blog.


Social media is no different than pencil and paper. I doodled a lot in the margins of my physics book. It wasn’t Twitter and Facebook that made me doodle but I doodled nonetheless.
Social media can serve as the new platform for distraction but not a new cause for it. Doodles, passing notes, sleeping in class, all of the “analog” forms of distraction, have just morphed into branded platforms.
The difference? Sleeping in class never led to anything. On the other hand, connecting & engaging on social media might. The doodler who grew up to be a graphic designer may have been distracted in class but is now earning a living born out of that distraction. Maybe the students tweeting in class will develop the next great media platform.” 




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